Searching your S3 buckets has never been so easy.

Bucket Query automagically monitors and indexes the data within your S3 buckets.
Through a simple and secure RESTful API, Bucket Query can easily integrate into your own website or app.

What is Bucket Query

Bucket Query is your own private AWS S3 search service. Bucket Query passively monitors your Amazon Web Service (AWS) Simple Storage Search (S3) buckets for changes. As files are manipulated, Bucket Query extracts, indexes, and classifies these files allowing you to easily integrate S3 search into your own website, app, or service. Best of all, Bucket Query supports any and all filetypes!

Say hello to simple, secure S3 search!

How does bucket query compare?

Native AWS S3 bucket search versus bucket search with Bucket Query
Develop S3 search faster with Bucket Query

The Missing Link for AWS S3

The native AWS S3 API is fairly limited when it comes to search. The lack of support for bulk searches by key name or metadata can put severe limits on how usefuly your data is.

Bucket Query sits between your AWS S3 buckets and your website or app. By automatically monitoring and indexing your data, Bucket Query provides the most comprehensive search service for AWS S3.

Develop faster. Search smarter.

Bucket Query was created with developers in mind. With bindings available in the most popular programming languages, adding it to your app could not be simpler. Don't waste time reinveting the whell and rolling your own search service. Try Bucket Query today!


Made for Developers

Simple REST API easily integrates into your own website, app, or service.


Hands off management. Buckets are monitored and indexed on the fly.


Authentication, authorization, and end-to-end encryption protect your data.

Free Support

Dedicated team here to help no matter how much data you have.

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